Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We Beat the Michigan Weather!

So we have kind of unpredictable weather here and we've had a particularly wet summer. That didn't stop some of the ladies in the knitting group from coming over on Sunday for a little dyeing workshop.


Dyers circled the mixing table like sharks.


Angie (who is currently incubating a little one) working on her blanks.


KaRi working on her blanks too. I saw Laurie's blanks being knitted up the next day (that's right the very next day) and they turned out so cool.


Here's the finished hanks and blanks. I never hosted anything like this before so I think I could have done a better job if I knew what I was doing, however, I didnt.

I now have the dyeing bug so today I will probably do a bit of roving.

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  1. Yeah, dude. Thanks for the invite. Appreciate it! ::gg:: (you KNOW I am just kidding!! I am no where even close to MI!!)

    Just looks like so much fun I am not happy that I missed out :(


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