Thursday, June 26, 2008

1,000 Apologies

I'm not funny today. Not sure why. I spent a good chunk of the day packing the first knitting machine that I sold. Sweaty, busy, tired.

No kids here till tomorrow afternoon. I plan to spend the evening eating Indian food in bed with the chief. Lamb Dahl here I come.

Finally FINALLY finished the plain Shetland spinning for a sweater I was doing. I will set the twist tonight.

(don't send me a message telling me about blah blah home spinners really don't SET the twist. It's just an expression, man)

I got 16 skeins between 170 and 190 yds of DK weight yarn. Now I can start looking for a pattern.

Wicked's first sleeve is coming along.

The Panda Wool Slipperies are almost done. yay new socks to start.


Next week I mimght even start dyeing for the shop. It's kinda busy around here, but I'm working my way there!

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