Wednesday, June 18, 2008

sometimes you just gotta laugh

I took the kids for a short hike on some nearby nature trails yesterday and while we were on the way, we came to a four way stop at an intersection. I needed to turn right, but the problem was, two older ladies were coming up on my right on bikes, so I waited. See if you turn right and some bikes on your right are going straight, you smush old ladies ok? Well one of them starts yelling, " Go Go!!" I'm not sure if she realized that I was waiting to turn or what. But dude, there's a bikepath there, so wtf are they doing on the road!??

Anywho, quite a convo ensues where numbers 3 and 4 tell me to yell out the window at them regarding the disuse of the bikepath, because that's hey, that's what their mom does. Now believe it or not, I am actually sort of reasonable in real life most of the time and I told them I preferred not to stoop.

After all the commotion sort of died down, number five said, "Did you hear her yelling through the car window? If you're going to be stupid, at least be stupid and quiet"

I told him that was some really WISE shit! And then I just had to laugh.

Wicked is growing fast, and I'll have some knitting time tonight. Maybe pics tomorrow.

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  1. LOL!! Stupid AND quiet! Gotta remember that one!
    I hate it when there's snowmobiles on the right side too.


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