Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Oh you guys, holy shit. We have this rule where the kids have to turn off the tvs at noon and they can't use any electronics in the house until six pm. That means they can take portable gaming systems like DS or DS Lite outside or Ipod for number 3.

Yesterday number five went off to swim and ride bikes and stuff, but numbers three and four are having some difficulty.

What do I do? I always considered myself fairly creative but I can't think of enough stuff to keep a 14 yr old and 11 yr old busy for five whole weeks!

Number 4 doesn't even want to throw pots again this year like she did last year. Such a bummer because it was really fun watching her.

Yesterday she goofed around with one of my knitting machines, sewed a pair of pajama pants for herself (I've been teaching her to sew for awhile now) tested cookies, bedazzled a pair of jeans and dude! That was just one day!

I may not be here much. I'll be praying she takes up macrame or somethin

Bye ya'll!

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