Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I bet you're wondering

What the heck I've been doing besides bitching huh! Well walk this way and lemme show you.

I finished a pair of handspun socks for number 4. You may remember this yarn from a pair of glittens I made her. She picked the dyes and I spun up four ounces for the glittens and had enough for socks leftover. There is actually still a ton left. It's crazy.


I've got a sock going too. It's another Slippery. The yarn is panda wool handdyed by the lovely Rita from YarnHollow.


You can't see the slipped pattern very well in the photo, but in person it is turning out SO GORGEOUS.

On the spinning front, I'm spinning for my first sweater. I decided to spin the three lbs of natural Shetland I have from stash. Here's the thing: I don't know how much I have to spin to get enough for a sweater, so I figured I'd spin it all, then measure off whatever I need for the sweater I pick, dye that much and if there is any leftover, I can dye it a different color for another project later. I estimate it's about DK weight, but I'll get around to counting the WPIs one of these days. It's like swatching I dunno why. I never wanna do it!

Here is a photo of it's boringness.

I am also working on getting the old Brother machines and the Singers on ebay this weekend, but I was sort of thinking of offering them for sale in the area first. Shipping them I'm sure will be fine as I have a good guideline printed out for packing knitting machines, but still it would be nicer to just sell them without shipping. Even though I'm not worried about damage, it'll be a pain to do it really well.

We tested out the electronics in the 930 I bought in GR last week, number 3 helped.


It's so fun to see her taking to machine knitting and dyeing etc. Now she'll just plunk herself down and goof with the machines when she feels like it. It's pretty cool.

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