Saturday, June 7, 2008


Summer vacation HAS BEGUN!! I started working on Wicked yesterday from the yarn i dyed (below). I just took it off the needles to try it on. It seems to fit ok at this point. If anything it looks a little big, but dude I CHECKED GAUGE. That's right, I checked my gauge more than once and it is right on baby.

It's weird because the color variation shows up more in the photo than in person, but whatever. You get the idea.

Here's the current progress on the new Slipperies

Oh you think it looks just like the last photo? Yeah i haven't picked it up since then, but I will soon (prolly).

I'm on the last repeat of The Secret of Bad Nauheim. When I finish that, I will take a quick photo before I pick up all the stitches for the border. It's pretty.

Still spinning on the sweater yarn, but I have just broken into the last POUND and I'm quite a bit over 1,000 yds now so yay! Hopefully it woh't be much longer before I can spin something pretty instead of this stuff!

Time to jump on the stepper for 45 minutes. I know it shard to believe since I'm fluffy, but I do this pretty often. I need to go get my sports bra.

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  1. Ooohhh.....I LIKE that "wicked" sweater!
    You might enjoy Jim Karas' book "The Cardio-Free Diet"....I was going to buy an eliptical machine till I read the book, now I'm buying the stretchy tube things!


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