Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wtf! The Scrotum of Bad Nauheim?

So I'm finally on the border of The Secret of Bad Nauheim. I'm looking forward to finishing to I can knit up the handspun swallowtail I've been waiting to work on. More than three projects and I'm spread too thin.

So I held up Nauheim once I had all the stitches picked up for the border. They look so funny that way, and I said to the Chief, "Look a big pink blob".

To which he replied, "It kinda looks like a really fancy scrotum." Oh yes, ladies, that's right, handsome AND creative and all mine!


The sleeves on Wicked are going to knit nite with me tomorrow. I have 12 inches to go on one and all 19 left to go on the other. I'm just getting bored I guess, but I am determined to get it done so I can start on a secret project. Oh AND my first wholesale yarn order will be made for the dyeing here in a week or so. Busy busy!

I finished another pair of socks over the weekend. Pics coming soon.

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  1. You are too funny! I agree with what it looks like though.


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