Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Way Life Taunts Me or Random Thoughts

I have wound the handspun laceweight that I'm going to knit into a Swallowtail shawl and it's just sitting on the end table taunting me. I want to cast on!! But, I will wait and only have the sock going for swimming lessons until I finish the Wicked.

The good news is:


One sleeve done! One more to go and I can weave in ends and sew up the sides of the pocked and block this puppy! I kind of wish I had made it at least one size smaller, but hey its a thick wool sweater. Oh and, the stripes are not as noticeable in person. i think the flash brings out the variegation.

And another thing. Most days after The Chief leaves for his job, I listen to World News on BBC America. It has really highlighted to me the way that the media in the US is selective in its reporting. Also, I heard the Palestinian Prime Minister this morning discussing Barack Obama. I'm not going to sanction political talk on my blog, so don't start discussing, but i would highly recommend looking for this snippet on Youtube. I don't want to shape your opinion, but I found it interesting (and terrifying really). My point though, is here's an opportunity to think about this guy's (the prime minister, not obama) point of view, listen to what he's saying (and what he's NOT saying) and form some opinions. I know it's old fashioned, but hey!

Last night I gave lace a try on my Brother 930. It worked! Even in cotton. I've had trouble with cotton lace in the past on my old 860 (which I sold and successfully shipped). I have not made anything on it yet, and I wish I had someone to give me some lessons on Knitleader because I would love to be able to use it with my machine, but nevermind, I'll figure it out eventually.

I finished Pegasus Descending by James Lee Burke this morning. Two big thumbs up on this Dave Robicheaux novel. The only thing is, he must be like what? 100 now? He talks about working on an oil drilling operation in 1957 (so he's an adult or close to anyway) and he's still taking out the bad guys on his crazy bloodlust red hazes? I'm having trouble with the NO Police dept employing dudes that must be close to 70 (no offense old guys!) to clean up the city, or even just the parish. Whatever, gotta love Dave.

Still waiting for the new season of Dexter. When, oh when will Dex be back? I mean honestly, no Big Love? No Dexter. WTF am I supposed to be doing? No Rome? Rent 6 Feet under maybe? The Chief never got to see it. Maybe that's what we should do.

See? This is why we have these little talks.

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