Thursday, July 2, 2009

Socks - Check!

Ok I finally finished Jack Sparrow's Favorite Socks. I don't like them, but my son does.

I hate afterthought heels. The don't fit our high instep feet right. I should have knit more like 15 rows before I started the stranded part, but ya live, ya learn, ya move on to a pair of socks that you don't hate!


Sooooooo, I went with Cookie's suggestion for the Harris Tweed socks and I'm glad. I hate combing my queue for a sock pattern that won't fight with a colorful yarn, and i get so bored when I'm knitting plain socks that I will pick up lace or cables and my poor socks go ignored.

Ya'll know I have an aversion to having more than one of each project type going right?

Here's the first cuff from the Harris Bitch Tweed Socks!


What do you all think? I can't really decide. I mean I like them, but will I wear socks this wild? Yeah probably.


  1. I think they will look great with your cranky pants!


  2. YOu are too funny, the socks look great.

  3. Those would be awesome under your most reserved and uptight suit.


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