Friday, July 24, 2009

Because I said So

I said I would post a photo of my Faux Russian Stole today. Cookie said she was interested and seeing one and since it's really thanks to her that I'm even knitting it, i thought I oughta.

See, I had the book this Stole pattern was published in, but I would not have looked at it twice if it wasn't for the fact that she knitted a really beautiful one.

Yes, I knit with old aluminum straights. I think they are just as good as any other fancy needle. I like them. I have had people put them down, but they knit as well as any needle. An artist will create art with whatever's handy ya know? not that I'm an artist.

So I'm about halfway through the fourth repeat of the design (you gotta knit 5.5 repeats and then some edging you attach as you go. I guess it's almost time to pick a new lace project :(



I also finished ALL the singles for the sweater project I am working on for the Tour de Fleece. I even think I might have picked out a sweater to knit - more later.

Tomorrow I'll ply and be done! Woo hoo!


  1. pretty! I would knit on aluminum straights (Boye, in colors, please) if they didn't kill my wrists. As it is, it's circs or nothing. Sigh. I wish they made Addis or Options in pretty metal colors too.
    Can't wait to see the spinning!

  2. It's beautimus! And I loved my aluminum straights. But I kept stabbing myself with them, so I use the KP interchangeables now, for my own safety. :D

  3. That looks gorgeous!! I really love the color!

  4. That looks great, Trish! You're doing a wonderful job! And I can't wait to see all your spinning finally all spun up.

  5. Teh Cookie iz ebil. She makes us all knit weird shit and join spin alongs.


  6. I love the richness of the colour. The pattern really does it justice.

  7. Quite lovely, gorgeous colour.


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