Saturday, July 18, 2009


I realized earlier in the week that I had been so excited to start the Tour de Fleece, I forgot to post a photo of the yarn I finished right before.

It was 4 ounces of merino/bamboo in the colorway Pel Mel from Yarnhollow. This stuff was super easy to draft and spin. My 4 little ounces ended up being 1030 yards of a medium laceweight. I don't know what it will become yet. I did browse some patterns a bit. I think I'm leaning towards a rectangular stole right now. We'll see!


Seriously, if you like to spin lace, this stuff was out of this world.

Also, yesterday I had lunch with a friend who got socks for her birthday. (sorry about the blurry photo. You know how I suck)

Andddddddddd I did finish the Bitch Tweeds.


They did end up pretty, but I'm not keepin' 'em!


  1. You should give me the lace weight. I'm just sayin'... :p

    Great socks and fabulous spinning!


  2. OMG that laceweight is TEH YUM. Tell me again why those socks are called Bitch Tweeds?

  3. That is some seriously beautiful laceweight.

  4. hahaha! I was just listening to an older podcast -one where a listener blogged about "someone famous visited my blog!" and when I saw you had visited mine, my 1st thought was "Someone famous visited my blog, squeeee!"

    Those socks are pretty...I also wanna know why they're "bitch tweeds".

  5. what a lucky friend! those socks look great. but i really love that yarnhollow yarn. so soft and shiny. :)

  6. Where's the line for the gorgeous handspun?


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