Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I don't have any idea why, but I don't really feel like talking. Nothing in particular is wrong.

I decided to sell all my machine knitting stuff. I just never have quite gotten the hang anyway. I'm going to keep just one to knit up blanks with. I do like to dye me some blanks.

I'm nearly done with the first sock of my second SOS pair. yay me.

I'm about 2/3 done with the third bobbin of my first goal for Tour de Fleece (got that?). I have 11 batts to spin for this project. At first I really didn't like the singles which nearly stopped me spinning, but then I decided to ply and knit up a swatch. Sometimes I find I like the knitting more than I expect to, and turns out sometimes is now.


It's not actually that bright, but you know how hard I try with the photos (not very)and it's for a sweater. You may be wondering why it has six holes in it. It's because my memory sucks and I won't remember what size needle I used if I don't do that. I used a six ya see?

I have seen some really beautiful spinning at the Tour de Fleece group. Makes me feel inferior (which I sort of am. I mean I've only been spinning for just over a year and a half). Even if you don't want to spin, I recommend checking out the photo board in that group. Wow!

Hey for someone who didn't feel like talking, I sure had a lot to say.


  1. leaving holes for the size needles is brilliant!! Seriously I always forget and I end up writing down 6 on a scrap of paper and then I don't know what it goes with!

  2. I have periods of not wanting to talk too. It isn't a sign something is wrong. It just means I need some concentrated me time.

  3. Looks like good spinning to me. I like your holes option. I would do purl bumps in stockinette, but then I never count them right, cuz I has the dumb. Holes are better.

  4. Love the idea of the holes. I tie knots in my cast on tail but then if I change needle sizes I don't have a way to note the new size so this is a great tip, thanks!!


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