Thursday, July 30, 2009

Grossness Alert!

But first - I have other stuff. I have no FO's, but everything except My Vivian has been coming right along. My Viv is just on hold for the mo. I like it though.

Soooooooo. .

1. I am on the fifth repeat of the Faux Russian Stole. that means I'm getting pretty close really since there are 5.5 repeats.

2. I have nine rows to go before I hit the heel flap on my first Oak Leaf Sock

3. In order to go to the new HP movie, I had to start a new sock with no chart. I had three projects going and they all had charts. Normally I try to avoid that, but i am not really normal right now. So I started a pair of plain, toe up, fleegle heel, Clowny Opal yarn lookin things. I'll show you when one is done. I just can't sit in a theater for 2.5 hours with nothing in my hands. It's kind of messed up really.

4. My poor viv is not moving.

I almost never have four projects going at once.

Ok, so here comes the grossness.

I have an unnatural level of anxiety. I don't know if it was learned or if its chemical, but I do know that it is not normal. I can only tell by watching other people, but I am sure. Other than that, I am pretty healthy and all.

I work on the anxiety in lots of ways. I knit and spin, I work on cognitive restructuring although that only works if you actually do it. Go figure. Sometimes I am still seriously overwhelmed by anxiety and it's not pretty. I try to act normal, and sometimes it kind of works. Well lots of times. I find that people are not that observant really.

Anyway, that's not the gross part. Here it comes.

There are only a few external things that help at all. The main one is:

This guy. (He's hot too right?) One of the reasons I knew I should marry him is because he has infinite patience and a wife with high anxiety tries that. Plus he looks mean right? I love that. He puts up with an enormous amount of crap, and I don't deserve him. Luckily I am not going to let that stop me from keeping him.

He's great! And did I mention I think he's hot? I'll post some photos of something done soon (i hope)


  1. You're almost done!

    I love an intense looking pretty boy/man/whatever.

    Oh, honey. A lot of us fake normal.


  2. Normal is just the average of all the weird shit out there.
    And hey, does he want to buy you a Harley? I gots one for sale - 87 FXR, red and white. DH can't ride anymore since he got sick.

  3. I can't say it any better than Cooky and pacalaga, but "Iknowhatchamean"


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