Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh whew!

I don't want to post a spoiler, but geez. Does it mean you've never been loved if the lover hasn't slaughtered a whole bunch of people just to be with you?

I am embarrassed to say that i was pretty sure it was something like it turned out to be, and I was pretty sure that the accomplice was who it was but mainly because of CASTING which is kind of like a cheat and they totally could have tricked me that way.

Poor Trish
Poor Sully - I really did feel awful for him
Danny - well I didn't like Danny that much. It may have been the "in living colour" hairdo
Phew Jimmy

Even though I had an inkling of where they were going, I still thought it was BIG FAT FUN!!!!

Now I'm sad it's over though. I hope Dexter is starting soon.

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  1. I loved Danny! :p

    One would have thought that a girl called "Trish" would have had more fight in her. I am very disappointed in that character.

    I was really surprised that Sully actually grew a set at the end and turned into a fairly good man. Did not see that coming.

    Now we need something new that's that much fun.


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