Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Multiples - I mean POSTS

So OK, first of all. I apparently am answering questions now when I blog that are only in my head. I ended my last post with "I don't know". See in my head I was thinking - what the hell am I doing with this fleece?

Now, I've been spinning for Tour de Fleece. I missed Sunday because we were going down to see Number 1 and our granddaughter. Otherwise I have been doing my spinning every day. I think I mentioned it before. I took some red Shetland that I totally didn't like and blended it with some charcoal Jacob ewe lamb - and came up with enough fleece for a sweater AND I actually like it!

So far, I have about 550 yds of 3-ply (navajo) aran/heavy worsted + two bobbins of singles (approx another 250 yds once plied). PLUS about four or five batts to go. (the reason I don't actually know how many batts are left is because I am spinning a strip off a batt, then a strip off of another so as to further mix up the blending.

My son says the color is spot on, my husband says it's too watermelony.


Trying to fix red is too hard for my dumb photography skills.

Still crabby and so ready for a day off the diet drinking some martinis or somethin!


  1. I talk to myself in blog post speak all the time.

    Love, love, love that red!

  2. I think it's beautiful - both the batt and your yarn.

  3. Have you thought about using Picasa? Might help.

    Btw, I love it! You're doing a great job!

    Ya know, we had Monday off, so you're still on schedule. Quit your fussin' woman and get yourself a frosty.



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