Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Laundry Was Caught Up

Honestly - it was. . . And you know what that means!!

I washed a fleece. Meet Laila! She is from a Jacob yearling. I had her sister's fleece last year (her lamb fleece though). This fleece is a real beauty! However, it was a skanky mess before I washed it.

Can you imagine how patient of a man I must be married to? He pulls up to his home and sees a couple of old towels stretched out on the lawn covered in this!


Um yeah, I know that is probably not Laila's best side. She's all jumbled up because I asked said husband to please bring her in. He is so obliging. He bundled her all up, and she got a bit jumbled, but whatevs! She's clean!

I don't know


  1. Don't know what?
    She's purty. I knew I was saving those old sheets for *something*.

  2. At least, you didn't have to tell him twice.

    She's lovely.

  3. Wish my hubby was as patient with fleeces :) The fleece looks yummy!

  4. If you glance at that, it totally looks like you skinned an Ewok a laid it's pelt out for the world to see. Love it.


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