Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Taps for Santa

My son doesn't believe in Santa anymore. Last year his stepmother bought a gift for his stepsister in front of him and then put a Santa tag on it and he figured it out.

I've tried so hard to preserve Santa and true to his heritage, he stayed partially in denial up until now. Every time the subject came up, I played up on my ineptness and said "seriously do you think I could do all that by myself? Don't be crazy" and he bought it.

I'm really sad about it this year. I know it was a miracle he made it so long, but there are no more kids who believe in Santa and I'll never get to have more kids so it's over.


  1. Well that's a really crappy way to explain Santa. What a shame!
    It does suck when there are no kids around who still believe.
    Is there a place near you with kids who are at the age who believe...maybe you can volunteer? Like a children's hospital or community center maybe?

  2. I remember when my kids were little and a boy told them there wasn't a Santa....I wanted to slap him...thankfully they didn't believe him. Once my kids started questioning we told them that if they didn't believe in Santa then they wouldn't get any presents from him so that worked for a while.

  3. You two are wonderful! It felt good to get it out. I think it's a mourning thing for being done having kids, BUT I had a similar thought about volunteering. We do have a center here for women and children and maybe there's something I can do there. I'll be giving them a call today!

  4. Isn't Santa all about giving and not getting in return? Just like knitting for charity - we give because it feels good and don't expect anything in return except knowing that our gift helped someone. So,yes, I still believe in Santa Claus.

  5. How old is your son? My daughter is 6, and a few months ago she asked me if Santa was real. I asked if she really wanted to know the truth, and she said yes, so I told her. But now she's pretending like that conversation never happened and says she still believes. I think she knows deep down but wants to keep up the fun.


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