Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello, I am a knitting fool

My first colorwork project has magically (well not magically, but unexplainedly) gotten a big whole in it, so I knit a new hat for the boy. It's the Lion Brand Cashmere blend yarn. Oh yeah, my kid wears Koigu socks and cashmere hats LOL. He is the coolest though.
Yeah, he's photogehnic, that's right, baby.

I also finished the Ice Queen, but i don't have a photo yet.

But the biggest news of alllllllllllll!!!!!

I finished the sleeves on Basic Black. I didnt pin it for real, but just sort of making sure it was going to fit into the hole. I'll probably have to redo the button band because it's rolling on the neck, but we'll see. That means I'm nearly done! (and can start planning the next sweater which is funnnnnn)

I also cast on for Abby from fall Knitty. I'm using handspun merino that I blended with firestar. How fun is that? I'm finally getting a cowl!


Yeah a little heavy on the firestar maybe. I like the sparklies!

Photo of Ice Queen and Snowdrop lace socks tomorrow.


  1. I am so in love with that color. You spun that? That is going to be a beautiful cowl!

  2. Cowls are awesome. I have several in my Ravelry queue. I think your yarn is awesome for the cowl. Very pretty.

  3. That is very beautiful! The sparklies will brighten your day.


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