Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dear Blog,

You are fricken awesome. Sometimes I wish you were anonymous so I could vent even more things (I know. Hard to believe there's more huh?), but all-in-all, you are pretty sweet.

It's cool how when i am feeling like crap about Santa being dead, you magically offer comments from people that cheer me up. Keep up the good work on that. It reminds me to comment more on the blogs I visit. I guess I am a lurker a lot of the time.

Sorry about the cursing. I thought about giving it up earlier this week, then I remembered that my mom teaches some of her patients to curse to help them release some of their inside angst. I'm going with that excuse for not giving it up.

I think the coolest part about you is that I've gotten to know people from other countries even. Sometimes I wish they were my neighbors so I could stop over and have a cup of coffee in the morning and talk to the about knitting. As it is, my neighbors are useless on this level. Can you believe that? It's not cool.

Love you!

Trish aka Bams

Oh and i finished some stuff.

BIL, Tom's hunting socks.
Socks for mom. They're knit from Cascade Handpainted sockyarn. The pattern is the no-fuss toe-up Fleegle socks.
Finished one of the fingerless gloves with the skull/crossbones. I can't tell you how much I absolutely hate knitting fingers. I seem to hate it more the more I do instead of less. Weird huh?

See yas later!


  1. neat skull and crossbone gloves. Uh - I would make them mittens cause I have not been brave enough to try fingers yet!

    Nice socks too!

  2. Hugs! You blog does an awesome job of listening.
    Santa is alive and well, he is the spirit of giving, you son has that in his heart and will take that further than any gift that can go under the tree.


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