Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to taunt your sister. . .

Happy Christmas. We had our big baking day on Sunday. I was worn out, but we are now buried in cookies. Tonight we have a Christmas choir concert for number 4, but tomorrow night we'll bring some cookies to neighbors.

Last night was our knitting group holiday party. It was Great! We had an ornament exchange too. I'll have a picture of my ornament soon!



  1. I've been eating the cookies and they are all yummy! But I guess any cookie is a good cookie to a pregnant woman :)
    I especially like the peanut butter oatmeal!

  2. Can you come to my house and do some baking too????

  3. Unless we really get as much snow as they're predicting (another 12") I'll go to my mom's to bake cookies this weekend. Love those Santa cookies!

  4. You made those Santa cookies? You have some phenominal baking skills girl!

  5. Having a wheat allergy, I detest this time of year and people like you who taunt me with pictures of banned food! ;-)


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