Sunday, December 14, 2008

Better Late. . .

Than never. Friday, when number five came home from school, I asked him if he would mind modeling something for me. Then i reminded him of last winter when he modeled the same item, in a different colorway, for me. He was fine with it. That kid is game to help out and he is a ham!

He put it on and said he was going to try to be serious to counteract the girliness of the item.


Mission accomplished I'd say. He had a terrible time keeping a straight face.

That was my last Christmas knitting so it is very nice to have it all done and ready to go!

My dad is dong well. An MRI showed a stroke last week, and he will definitely be undergoing either angioplasty or a bypass in two to three weeks. He has recovered from the stroke enough (and made such a fuss) that they let him go to the hospital. I saw him yesterday. He seemed pretty normal. i guess time will tell how this plays out, but the two branches of his carotid are 90% and 40% blocked, so they can't wait too long to fix that.

Thanks again for the well wishes and messages of support. They mean a lot!


  1. great picture!

    I will keep your dad in my thoughts over the next few weeks as he goes through everything.

  2. Let #5 know, he looks like a knight before he puts on his shining armor.

  3. I also thought he was a brave knight! He did a good job.
    Glad to hear your Dad is doing much better. I will keep him in my thoughts.

  4. Sorry to read abotu Dad.
    Your son is a good sport.

  5. Your son reminds me of my younger brothers. I would dress them up like girlies with make up and all and they would happily pose for photos. Such fun, and a good laugh!


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