Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Conspicuously Absent

Yes, I do realize, the my knitting blog is oddly devoid of actual knitting content late. Never fear, I have stuff on the way. The first sleeve of my handspun Basic Black, a pair of socks for one of The Chief's brothers, and a pair of socks for my mom. All quite near completion and then I am going to finish SOTSIII. I love it, but I think I had a lace break or something. For over a year, I had a lace project going at all times, and I think it was just time for a time out.

The lace and I were "on a break".

Until that stuff is done and photoed, I do have some food pics for you. We went to MIL's last weekend for an early Thanksgiving dinner. This year she had it on Saturday prior to Thanksgiving in order to give those of us who are attending numerous get togethers a chance to make it to her house. Sadly, nobody got drunk and did anything crazy (even me). (See the tequila story from last March's family wedding, or perhaps I chose to leave that story for the family).

Anywho, she requested that we bring a Thanksgiving crowd pleaser that I've been known to make. It's a double chocolate, pumpkin cheesecake. I got it from the November issue of Woman's Day a few years ago. Why don't they call it Womans'? That's always bothered me. It's confusing, or Womens'? or some crap like that. Anyway, here it is next to my fave coffee cup. We were joking that the huge cup of coffee and the entire cheesecake would make the perfect breakfast.

It did turn out perfect too.

But Saturday morning, we decided to make bagels. We've done it before, but they turned out so pretty, we took a picture. It's not hard at all, and man were they YUMMY!


You see? This bitch IS domesticated, or domestic, or whatever. . . .

If you're American, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving, if not, I wish you a very happy weekend!


  1. That cheese cake ought to be illegal! But not until after I have eaten it. ALL of it.

  2. LOL! If you are ever in the Holland, Michigan (I can't imagine why anyone would ever travel here, but it must happen) I'll have a cheesecake waiting for you!

    But you mustn't eat it all in one sitting. You will have a tummy ache to end all tummy aches :S!


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