Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let's See Some Hustle!

Ok so lots of you are going to be like Wha Wha??

Deer hunting season (rifle season at least)opens this weekens in Michigan and the Chief will be hunting with No. 3 (14 yrs old). It's supposed to snow, which is good for a hunter. It makes it much easier to see what's moving in the woods against a white carpet. Anywho, the Chief mentioned that he would like a taller pair of wool socks for hunting this year, so I got to spinning. I pulled some chocolate brown Shetland out of my stash. (You see? It totally pays to have stash on hand) and got to spinning.

On Sunday, I finished the singles, and then did the plying. I ended up with somewhere between 500 and 600 yds of fingering weight, two play sock yarn. It's not super exciting, but I can say that I think my spinning is getting better. I have one sock done now, but I'm only going to show you a little piece until I have them both ready. Cross your fingers that i can get them done before they take off Friday afternoon for hunting.


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  1. Seining is beyond me(physically) but aren't you lucky to just spin up some yarn for your man? I envy the snow too.


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