Thursday, November 6, 2008

I have stuff going but I'm Too lazy to take photos

I don't mind being a bitchslap. There's a bit of a cool factor associated don't you think? I have gotten SO MUCH done this week it's insane. All the credit goes to caffeine.

I'll have some pictures tomorrow

I want ice cream really bad but so far I haven't caved.

I raked up a ton (and I srsly do mean a TON) of leaves this week.

Today I brought the boy lunch and while I was driving to the Mexican place where I ordered Tamales for him, There was a truck with one of those cherry picker things. It was on the side of the road and the picker was extended up towards a phone (or electricity pole, but I think phone) and somehow, it was tipped halfway over and the picker thing was completely mangled. Plus there were a whole bunch of guys in hardhats just standing around staring with their arms crossed. It really completed the dipshit picture. I came very close to going home to get my camera, but I was afraid they'd have a toe truck there to fix it by the time I got back. That would totally be my luck.

Holiday shopping will commence directly.

I totally love that I can find the old seasons of Gilmore Girls online. I'm watching Season 1. Yay.


  1. You better get a camera phone so you can capture these hilarious scenes.

  2. I adore Ice Cream. Hagen Daaz or Ben N Jerry's(but only their plainer ones. They also do a terrific frozen yoghurt which I would not know wasn't ice cream if it didn't say so.)


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