Saturday, May 31, 2008

Crisis Averted

It wasn't that bad. After I spent all that time getting myself psyched up and girding my loins, it turned out that he was just trying to butter me up for permission to take my son (no. 5) to see one of my sister's for several days this summer.

You know a salad wasn't enough to bribe me into sending my 10 year old off with two people I don't consider to be responsible adults. WHO KNEW HUH???

So, no big huge bombshell. Just a butter up session to pretend like he actually thinks I am "somebody" so he could get what he wanted. And ask for something I've already said no to twice. Oh and to say, "Well I do respect your feelings BUT. . ."

Um no you don't. I said no, and bugging me incessantly isn't going to make me change my mind. Do I strike you as someone who folds easily under pressure?


Not a lot of knitting to show as I've been superbusy with kid end of school activities etc and mostly just working on The Secret of Bad Nauheim which is turning out pretty snazzy. I do have a new sock pic for Monday though. Laterz!

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