Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You Know You Wanna Squoosh it!

First, thanks for the emails I received with peptalks, concerned questions and stuff. It really wasn't a bid for attention but that was cool of you!

Second, I am hosting a dyeing workshop at my house in June and I made up a bunch of color samples with recipes. The attendees will be getting a bottle of each primary color and hopefully these recipes will help get people going on their dyeing. I want to show them that they can get bajillions of colors with a very minimal investment if they learn about color theory. I got more than 40 colors, but have yet to achieve a nice chocolate brown. I'm not giving up though ;)


Next, dyed fiber photos as promised. Two batches of Suffolk for socks. It's very noily but since I spin a three ply yarn out of it, the noils sort of disappear in the plying and I get a flippin sweet sock yarn! Very hardwearing.

This one is the first merino for me. I'm relaly looking forward to spinning it.

And then, two batches for my mom. We believe these are Shetland.
Makes me want to spin so bad!

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  1. The wool for your mom at the bottom is GORGEOUS!!!!!! If she decides she doesn't want it will she send it to me??? Or just tell me how to do it myself would work. Amazing way to go.


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