Thursday, May 8, 2008

Here's to you!

Ok so here's a little piece of information you probably don'tknow about me. When I spend my 45 minutes on the stepper, I like to watch a foreign film if I'm alone in the house. It's like the only time I can keep my eyes on the TV because I'm not knitting and I'm not sellin' books (eyes on the computer off and on).

So yesterday, I chose a Belgian horror film. Yeah you didn't know they had those? Yeah they do. I even recognized an actor from the french films I watch a lot of the time. I believe he was in Amelie which is one of my top five films ever. Anywho, I saw the best burning car scene I've ever scene. It was a shitload more real than American burning car scenes where the gas tank explodes the car fifty feet in the air. Also, there were people (remember it was a horror film) having sex with animals. Who knew that was a theme for backwoods people all over the world huh? Apparently it's like a real thing which is just kind of hard to believe for me personally.

HERE'S TO YOU BELGIAN FILMMAKERS! I had no idea you were any good. You made a truly gross and creepy movie when you made Calvaire (which incidentally means The Ordeal), but next time get someone just a tiny bit more fluent in English to translate. There was a lot of weird syntax there.

I've been knitting a bit too, but hopefully I'll have a few blocking photos for you soon. laterz!

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