Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Handspun Socks and Important Information

So, number five went on a field trip with his grade (4th) to Mackinac Island. It's a historic part of Michigan dude. Anywho, he was paired with one of his best friends and two other kids from his class. they had an awesome time and stayed overnight in a hotel. How fun is that?

So he gets home and a few days later, this convo ensues:

Me: So, now that you've gotten to know Jae and Logan better, do you like them more?

5: I like Logan better now that I know him more. Jae, I think I like LESS.

I always encourage him to say how he really feels because I think people who fake just to appear nice are just pathetic. If you can't BE nice, then Appearing nice is just lying. I always tell him he doesn't have to play with kids he doesn't like, but he does have to treat them with respect, but OOOOOOOOOOO this cracked me up.

Let's face it, sometimes the better you know a guy, the less you like him. It's just that simple.

Now, handspun socks. They're superwash wool from Sheepshed studios. I dyed the roving with number $ and the pattern is Slippery
I finished them up while rewatching Dexter with my mom. I wish the new series was starting earlier.


Oh and I dyed some yarn for a sweater this weekend. I think it will be a long sleeved version of Wicked. It's a nice hot candy pink with some lighter/darker spots which was the plan.


Hopefully soon, I'll have it on the needles!

Oh yeah! I'm spinning for my first handspun sweater too! i believe a spinner or two reads this, is 2.5 lbs enough for a sweater? I haven't counted WPIs yet, but I'm hypothesizingthat I'm getting a heavy DK to light worsted weight. It's natural Shetland spun before dyeing. I'll dye the yarn when I'm done. So far I only hae like 1/2 a lb done, but heck I just started on Monday.

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  1. Half a pound in two days??? Wow that would take me a month. I need to spend more time with my wheel. Those socks are awesome. I want to knit some out of my handspun but haven't got around to it yet.


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