Thursday, January 29, 2009

So Last Week I Was at a Retreat

It was a house about 1.5 hours north in Ludington Mi. The house was right on lake Michigan. There were deer

Yes I know the photo was not that clear, sorry. They just would not pose for the camera like I wanted them to.

I also took a photo of the view from the house.


Pretty right?

And guess what!!!??? I finished ESTES PARK which is the Secret of the Stole III ( I think i started in August). It's done, people! Woo hoooooooo! Now just to block it. I'm hoping to have it blocked for a photo this weekend.

I finally took a picture or two of my handspun Abby cowl. It ain't easy to look this tough while wearing your mom's sparkly cowl. Am I right? Fo Shizzle.

What can I say, that kid's the light of my life.


  1. Your sons expressions always crack me up!

    Nothing better than a weekend away and a FO!

  2. I can't wait for the Estes Park photo!!!

  3. What a beautiful place. It makes me yearn.

    Your poor son! ;-)


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