Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random Stuff In My Life

First of all, my sister is having surgery Friday. Say a wee prayer.

Second, we had sushi and sashimi on Saturday with the fam. I think our rolls are looking better than last time.
I mean we're no Benny Hana (sp?) or anything. It's amazing how much our kids like it. It's fun too!

Third, I'm on the first sleeve of The Chief's sweater. yay me!

Fourth, I finished The Darkest Evening of the Year by Dean Koontz. It was not inspiring. I feel bad that he keeps using the same literary devices over and over. He's too imaginative for that! I know you have brand new stuff in you, man! Let's see it!

Fifth, I am weepy from being tired. I hate that a lot.

Sixth, The Nutkins are coming along. I'm done with the post gusset decreases and going on down the foot.


I guess that's all i have for today. Six things. I'm weepy and tired, so be nice, please. I don't really know why, but it is true FO SHO.

and I have a response to a comment too:

Dear Colin,

I have a couple of machines, and I try to knit on them, but I wouldn't call myself a machine knitter. YOU, sir, are a fabulous machine knitter! I met with a local group once hoping that I would learn, but they weren't very nice and I think newbie questions really annoyed them. Wish me luck to learn this year! I really do want to, but I guess I'm mostly on my own! I wish you were my neighbour so I could stop by and ask YOU questions. Oh well. My neighbours are so lame. I keep hoping someone good will buy the house for sale nearby, but probably not.



  1. I hope you feel better!
    Prayers for your sister.

  2. all the best to your sister. That sock looks fantastic. Love the colourway. The sushi-never eaten it-too carb laden for me. Such a shame you didn't receive a warm welcome at the machine club. The one and only one I went to, I was basically told a man was not welcome!


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