Thursday, January 15, 2009

In True Half-Assed Form

I've finished one sock, and one sleeve for the Chief's sweater, AND I successfully knit a Machine knit sock for the Chief too, but just one :S. I've realized I have too many UFOs.

Nothing goes on the needle until I finish a few projects here.

One finished Nutkin. This is from a blank I machine knit and dyed. It's turned out kinda pretty, I think.

I'm not even going to put up a picture of the sweater . You've been there right? I think I will be blocking the front today, but I'm gonna wait until i finish the second sleeve to block those. It is turning out pretty though.

the UFOs I need to get done are:

Chief's Sweater
Nutkin Socks
Secret of the Stole III
Abby cowl
Gray mug cozies

For me that is WAY more than normal and it is starting to stress me out. going a whole week without progress on everything I have going is very annoying to me.


  1. I totally love the colors on that sock.

    I know the tale of the UFO's. I have committed to finishing my shawl and hubbys sweater before I cast on for anything else...

    But the temptation is strong I tell ya!

  2. I think that sock is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had yarn like that.


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