Friday, January 30, 2009

Playin' Catch Up!

I have to do four samples for the Fleece Study today because I've been behind on the posts. I have to apologize. I don't know if it's winder doldrums or just being busy that's the cause of it (couldn't possibly be laziness, oh no, sir or ma'am).


Prep: Scoured
Staple Length: 4+"
Combing/Carding: Ashford fine drum carder -4 passes through, but would like to try spinning from the cloud or lock
Drafting Style: Short Draw
Type of prep: Semi-Worsted
Plying: Z ply
% of weight lost from washing/short cuts etc: Forgot to weigh before (sorry)

End result: 22 yards of Sport/DK
Nice lustre, medium softness

Final: Nice long staple was very easy to spin and nice to prep. Washed easily and has a nice sheen to it.



Prep: Scoured
Staple Length: 2.5" approx
Combing/Carding: Ashford fine drum carder -Should try spinning from lock next time
Drafting Style: First attempt at long draw
Type of prep: Woollen (batts rolled into rolags)
Plying: Z ply
% of weight lost from washing/short cuts etc: forgot to preweigh

End result: 59 yards of sport weight
Lovely, squishy and soft
low lustre, nice yardage

Final: Super soft, should have flicked and spun from lock. Running through drum carder did create some noils which I mostly picked out as I was spinning. I do think it's just wonderful though a bit harder to spin because of the short staple. Maybe not for a beginning spinner.

I'll be completing the post for Cotswold and Corriedale and posting it tomorrow. Thanks for continuing to support this effort. It has been very fun!

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