Tuesday, January 6, 2009

California Variegated Mutant and Cheviot

Well, it's time for the next two samples of the fleece Study! First we have CVM aka Romeldale aka California Variegated Mutant.

California Variegated Mutant

Prep: Scoured
Staple Length: 3-4" approx
Combing/Carding: Ashford fine drum carder -4 passes through, but would like to try spinning from the lock or just flicked or brushed lightly
Drafting Style: Short Draw
Type of prep: Woollen (batts rolled into rolags)
Plying: Z ply
% of weight lost from washing/short cuts etc: 31% loss

End result: 96 yards of light fingering or thereabouts
Lovely, squishy and soft
light lustre, dove gray yarn

Final: By far the softest thing I have spun to date. Will definitely buy some of this again.

While drying

After spinning.


Prep: Scoured
Staple Length: 3" approx
Combing/Carding: Ashford fine drum carder. Run through three times then rolled into lovely rolags. It seemed very springy and I thought it would make nice woollen yarn
Drafting Style: Modified Long Draw
Type of prep: Woollen
Plying: Z plied
% of weight lost from washing/short cuts etc: 29% loss

End result: 34 yds of worsted weight
Very fun to prep and spin.

Final: I enjoyed spinning it and it was a very easy prep. For me it's fine for a sweater, but I rarely wear a sweater next to skin, and next to skin would probably not be right for me unless for socks or gloves. Nice and squishy and lofty. Lots of bounce back.

Post-Wash (Drying)

All spun up!

And I know the holidays are over, but I leave you with a sight we enjoyed on Christmas Night. Someone had a little trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve apparently
Christmas night 2008
Aren't they just sweet angels when they're sleeping?! Hehehehe

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  1. I'm loving your fleece study info. Thank you so much! Glad you had great holidays. :)


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