Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Episode 2 is available! Anddddddd I figured out Itunes! Holy crap they don't make any of this stuff easy!

Download here for
And according to Itunes (which I'm not trusting) it's available here from Itunes

The sounds quality is pretty horrible. I'm sorry. I researched and the pops and crackles were likely from a usb interference problem with the separate Mic, so we used the mic built into my computer which picked up a hard drive whine (am I repeating myself? Do I really care anyway?) So I ran it through filters repeatedly to fix the whine and it didn't fix, but improved a tiny bit.

I'm so sorry! We're going to go back to the external mic and do all we can to remove the clicks


  1. I've subscribed to you through iTunes.... and yes it works just fine.

  2. I know you are doing your best :) If I knew half as much of the geeky stuff as you do, I would offer to help.But, as it is I'll stick to the show notes and trying to spell everything correctly LOL.


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