Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The situation with my dad continues to get more surreal. He threatened me this morning with some vague "I am saving these emails in case I need to print them out later." Heck I have nothing to hide. If I thought anybody else wanted to bother to read them, I would be fine posting it all here, but really.

I almost cried about it this morning while the Chief and I were discussing it, but not quite. I wonder what that means that it can't even make me cry anymore. It's probably not good huh?

In more fun news. I've got a secret project which i can't post here. It's a holiday gift for someone who reads my blog so you won't see it until January!

I also Cast On for Ice Queen for another holiday gift, but I don't believe the recipient reads my blog.


And I've nearly finished a scarf for my MIL which will also be a Christmas gift. She doesn't know about "the blog" either.

And there's a story there.

Below, you will see my handspun Swallowtail. When that yarn was all spun and plied, I used my swift (which I love) to hank it. My lovely swift is set up so I can hank, or unhank various sizes of skein/hanks or whatever. It goes all the way up to a 72" hank. (sorry if you use the metric system. What's that like just a little bit under 2 metres right? I'm not a good converter). Anywho, so I count as I wind ONTO my swift and then double the number for the yardage. Perfect plan right? Well I think I screwed up my counting, like by A LOT! I thought I only had 750 yds. So I picked the Swallowtail which needs like 658 or something like that (can't remember). I thought it would be perfect and I'd still have nearly 20% more just in case. (Cause you know, I like to call it close and live on the edge). Well, I finished the swallowtail and had a bunch of yarn left, so I weighed the rest of the cake.

The rest of the cake weight 1.7 oz, and I had started out with 4. WTH!!?? Somehow I was way way off! Anywho, so I had a lot leftover and I figured the MIL would love a scarf. She seems to enjoy the knitted items and has received a pair of handspun, hand dyed socks that she liked. She has wee, tiny feet so it's so easy to knit her socks!

The Michigan Fibre Fest is this weekend, and I am getting excited! I'm meeting with the local West Michigan Group for lunch and a bit of spinning. Hope to see you all there! I'll be wearing a black shirt and a blue plaid skirt.

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  1. Hugs to you about the dad stuff. I remember when mine used to drive me nutso, only good point is that mine lived 2k miles away.
    I am not sure what it means when you no longer cry about the crap, but to me it is growing and moving forward. You have the best interest of your children to think of.


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