Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cheering up

First, is it weird to send a much loved blogger a gift when you don't really know them? I know this is not me, but I think sometimes you sort of hear a little voice inside you that tells you to give something. Maybe just best to do and not think so much huh?

I am feeling weird. I had a really good day and made progress on something new that's going on here, but I am feeling sad about grown women who act like sixth graders. I haven't slept much the last two nights, so maybe it's making me maudlin. I love Ravelry, but childish people can ruin even the best things. How can you be part of a group who is way more interested in what other groups are doing than in making their own group awesome and making it grow creatively? Do people seriously spend all this time playing victim instead of doing something on their own? Get with the program people and look what you can do with yourself instead of tearing down others!

Oh well, I love Ravelry and childish mentality will live forever, so I guess it's best to remember that I am oblivious (and give thanks for that).

I was gonna wait to blog about these later because my secret project is interrupting me from starting anything new. These were going to be along as soon as I cast on a new pair of socks to show, but they cheered me up. Last week I mentioned a cute little sock bag designed by CoggieTM. My mom made me TWO of them! You know, just in case I ever have more than one sock on the needle.

I am so worth it.


And what a good cheer up (she brought them last weekend) from my mom!


  1. Don't let the middle-school mentality get you down. People sure can be numbskulls some times. :hug:

    This "secret project" thing is killing me! Suspense and I don't do well together! How long until you spill the beans?

  2. Those bags look great :)
    I am sorry someone is getting you down. I am sure it is because they are bored and have no life and just want to make everyone as miserable as they are. You are above that.

  3. I don't see anything stalkerish in it. Unless you're in their bushes and don't need an address or anything.

    Isn't Ravelry something? While I think it can be a wonderful yarn and pattern resource, I still really want to shake some sense into a few people.

    Okay. More than a few people.

    Very cute bags.

    You're totally worth it.

  4. did i ever tell you that you are my hero?!!!?



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