Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Whew! I have been SO BUSY!

With the knitting, perhaps not so much, but with life.

I did start The Secret of the Stole III and completed Clue 1. I know, I know. It was a little bit late, but I had to dye my yarn ya'll!

It looks solid blue, but it's actually blue, teal, green and purple with sparkly teal beads. I'll get a better photo after clue 2. Like I said, just stinkin' busy.

I also dyed up the yarn for MS4. I haven't picked beads for it yet, but I'm actually thinking of maybe gold. I guess I won't know for sure until I start putting them on.


I finished one BFF sock, I'll show those when the whole pair is done. Oh and I am almost finished spinning up the Shetland. Tonight I'm picking up a commission spin so let's hope she didn't get me corriedale (which I don't enjoy spinning), but oh well. When you get paid, you make do right?

And whew the podcast thing! Getting started is a big job. After feedback from our first podcast, I figured out how to fix pops and crackles and now I have a whine in episode 2! I've run bajillion filters and stuff on it. Next time we'll make sure it's not present in the original recording (I have a pretty darn good idea where it's coming from). See the pops and crackles were coming from USB interface problems (I think), so when we switched to laptop mic to avoid using the USB, we got a whine from the spinning hard drive.


Anywho I have improved, but not fixed the original track. Next time will be better with the whine (however I anticipate a new problem. No biggie! Newbies should expect to work this kind of stuff out right?)

Episode 2 will be available tomorrow likely. Hope you come and listen. Coggie went to Stitches and reports back!

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