Monday, August 4, 2008

My life can be surreal

So we are home like two hours from the hospital and the Darling Hub is sort of in and out on the couch full of vicodin (not the couch, the hub). Anyway, I go down to the basement to block my swallowtail shawl and I hear a knock on the front door. Of course I don't want the Chief to get up and answer it, so i run up the stairs and just as I get near the top, I hear the FRONT DOOR OPENING. WTF???!!!

It's my dad. The same dad who I told that he could come for one visit (two days) a month, has decided that I do not answer his voicemails or emails on a timely basis, so he will drive two and a half hours uninvited, nay UNANNOUNCED EVEN! and show up while I have a bleeding from the nose and in pain husband fresh home from the hospital.

I was so upset my vision actually went black for a split second. What's that about huh? I didn't get exactly angry because it was so surreal! I did tell him that I had the Chief fresh home from the hospital and he said "I didn't know that"

Well how the fuck could you know if you don't CALL before you show up?

So I had a twinge of guilt that he had to turn around and drive back home immediately, but how can I reward him showing up like that? If someone doesn't return your emailsor phone calls when YOU think they should, you cannot just show up at their home and force them to. BOUNDARIES PEOPLE!

I know I'm ranting but OMG. I might have big news in a week or two. As usual, I am hatching an evil plan, and I have just enlisted Cogs you should visit there and check outher new (and very popular) little crocheted sock bag. It is adorable and you can just hang it over your arm as you knit a sock just any old place!


  1. Hugs for the hubby, how is he doing now?
    Thanks for the shout out about my bag :) I am thinking I need to write up my circle sweater and a few other creations I have done in the past. I need to learn how to do PDF's as well. I know we have the program, but how to do it hmmmm.
    On the Dad front, so sorry yours doesn't give you the space you need and crave. I personally would not drive 2 hours because someone didn't answer an email, gimme a break!

  2. Ho ha ha, that is so wierd about your dad--mine tops yours!!! My mom lives in Las Vegas, calls me when she is 20 minutes away from me IN ILLINOIS, to tell me she's gonna pop in to drop off Christmas presents for the whole family...I tell her, sorry, but I'm packing for a flight I leave on immediately upon getting out of work the next day. I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR A 3,000 MILE DROP-IN! B/c I KNOW you're not just going to drop off presents as you drive past. You are gonna want to come in, sit down, and enjoy my hospitality while I'm frantically trying to simultaneously pack and get ready for the start of the work week. HELLOOOOO! (So instead of her dropping in on one of my 3 bros that live close to me, she takes the presents back home on the flight to Vegas, and acts all put out.) Whaaaaaaa?! Gosh Mom, I do have a life, with a work schedule to follow. Duh. And I'm sure you didn't know ahead of time that you were coming to my house FROM VEGAS.
    Boundaries. Exactly.

  3. Wow, you beat me! I doubted it was possible, but you did it


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