Thursday, September 4, 2008

Whole Lotta Shakin Going on

First of all, did I mention that


Teachers rock. My son has two teachers who jobshare (5th grade) and I'm already planning what I'm going to spin/knit them for holiday gifts. Every time I see them, there's a haloish glow around them. That's how much I love the hell out of teachers right now!

I've been knitting a lot.

Finished Cascade BFFs
They already went to my mom. See I've bartered for painting. She likes to paint (rooms too) and we have two kids rooms that need it. I will be trading 8 pairs of socks for two painted rooms. People PUHLEASE! You know I got the better end of the deal on that one!

I finished Clue 2 of SOTSII, but have been working on other stuff and haven't started Clue 3 yet. This is knitting up so nicely and quickly for me, that I figure I can finish up clue 3 while camping this weekend.

You know how I feel about the photos of unblocked lace. Trust me, it's going to be beautiful.

I've also finished the Filatura Di Crosa Ice Queen I knitted for my middle sister.
ice queen
If you click on it and view the large size on flickr. You'll see the wee little sparkling beads.

See? Super busy! Oh and I am working on a pair of gloves for number 5 to go with the Modified We Call Them Pirates. I used a fingerless glove pattern by J. Campbell which I love and have made a bajillion times and charted myself up a pattern modified from the hat for the back of the glove. Done and done!

Photos coming soon. Only one glove is done and I hate all those damn ends to weave in, but the kid seemed to love them, so that makes it worth it!


  1. I think you're under valuing your socks. Or are the rooms huge?

  2. Cookie!

    I might be, but since I hate to paint more than just about anything, it's worth a lot to me. Plus, I think my mom has more of my handknitted socks than I do, so she would have gotten them anyway ;). She's sneaky like that.

    Luckily she likes plain socks so I'm going to knock out a bunch of pairs for her on one of my machines.


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