Monday, September 8, 2008

Ham it Up Much?

So about a month or so ago, I did my first stranded project. It's a hat modified from We Call Them Pirates. I made it for number 5 (the floats are a little too tight so he may have to get a new one) but anyway he loves fingerless gloves, so I charted a design for them and there ya go!


Such a goober. Oh and we camped over the weekend! I'll talk about it in Episode 4 (recording today) and I have the laundry caught up. It's only noon on monday and it's done. How many can say that huh?

Edited to give a better view for Zoebert


  1. Great job! Those look fantastic! Any chance of a little closer look?

    My younger daughter would get such a kick out of something like this, exccept in pink (of course).

    Once again, those look simply fabulous. Love the idea (and execution.


  2. I want a pair! Seriously, I do want a pair of fingerless and have been looking for a simple to follow pattern being pattern reading challenged. These look excellent and you did a good job.


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