Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Insert Clever Title Here

I got lots of stuff going!

One Limonape sock down, one to go (has been cast on even)

Finished Clue 2 of MS4. It is in doubled, cobweb weight natural silk with gold beads
(the beads are really only visible if you go to the flickr account and look at the photo in all its bigness). I do like this pattern but the slowness of so many beads was discouraging.

More than halfway through Clue 5 of SOTSIII. That is the current clue, at least until Friday!

Also, Episode four of the podcast was made available this morning. There will be a vote on the shownotes to help me decide what to spin next. You have three days to vote, but I don't think the ShowNotes are up yet. When you have time, toddle on over and vote, won't you?

I dyed some roving yesterday and plan on dyeing some yarn this evening (you know, while the Chief is at Boy Scouts and number 5 is at his Dad's). I'll be listening to Duma Key and dyeing up some yarn. what could possibly be better?

Come back tomorrow to see the roving I dyed yesterday. It's still too "drowned rat" to show today.


  1. The sound on your podcast is sooo much better, I hate to gripe about one thing, but here goes. Your voices are fading in and out. I'll be listening along and all of a sudden I hear a HUGE LAUGH and I have to drop my ear buds. Then there is some stuff it sounds like you are whispering (baptism talk).

    I love the laughs - it's one of my fave parts and I laugh along, but the ups and downs of volume actually hurt some times. You've improved it SOOOO much in the past weeks, I'm sure you can conquer this!

  2. Love that green based sock. Makes me drool. Sad aren't I?


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