Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why Am I suddenly CleverTitleless?

Seriously it's so weird. I can't think of anything even minorly clever :S.

Recently I signed up for a Charity Project that all started on Stitch It podcast. The project works like this: each blankie goes with the needles on a journey. Every knitter works four inches in a pattern with their own yarn ending and beginning with a few rows in garter stitch and three or four stitches on each edge. I got my first blanket yesterday and did my four inches. Then I did the bind off and I'm done! What a wonderful way to help out a good cause bit by bit without a ginormous time commitment.
The theme was "Tickled Pink". I will be starting the blankie with the theme "Winter Wonderland this weekend so come back to see that soon!

The lace is just a big noodley, lacy mess as usual. Here's a quick pick of Secret of the Stole III.


I guess you just have to trust me when I say it's gonna be really pretty.

The podcast listeners voted for me to spin up my last four ounces of BFL. Say hello to the new laceweight in town! (Ok not quite all here yet, but I am spinning on it)

This stuff just spins up beautifully. Now i hold my breath until I can afford a big box of three lbs from Coppermoose.com (dangit!)

And . . . . Drumroll please!

I have finally cast on for my very first hand spun SWEATER!!!
I'm really hoping it will even out a bit with blocking. It's just kinda bunchy and all that right now. Keep your fingers crossed!

I bet you're wondering why SO MANY updates all at once!? Well I am behind and busy and tired lately. I'm sure I will get more normal on my posting schedule as things settle down. See ya'll later!


  1. OOOO, the stole is going to be really pretty!! Love your new banner photo!

  2. Spinning looks awesome!!! Congrats on the handspun sweater cast on, gorgeous. Yes you SOTS looks beautiful. Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. Most of all thanks for being you.


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