Friday, April 4, 2008

Welcome to a new WTF Friday!

I have a couple items of note to mention before I give you your WTF for today.

1. I will not be back until Monday because it is my birthday weekend and apparently I am getting company for my birthday. Nothing tops off your birthday weekend like having to clean your bathrooms and make sure guests are comfy.

2. The company is my dad and his wife so there will probably be a tirade about how he told me the house wasn't as clean as he thinks it should be or I am too stupid to fry an egg right in my own kitchen. Oh can't wait huh? ( I know it sounds like I don't love my dad, but I actually do. He really doesn't realize that he is picking me to death. A funny thing is that i get so upset when he comes that I usually cry or get withdrawn. It's a real topper when he asks me if I need medication because I seem depressed. Of course I seem depressed. Every time he sees me I cry LOL. So you see, your family isn't as bad as you thought) I only just realized recently how effed up this is. Not sure yet what to do about it.

3. There may be photos that include cake, family, or me being stupid. That's always fun.

Ok so on to the fun.

Yesterday my friend, Plug (over there on the Broken Barn blog -->) mentioned that she just saw a special on TV about The Love Boat and did I know that Andy Warhol had guest starred once playing himself. Now this was weird because I don't care if I go ten years without thinking of Andy Warhol, but last weekend I watched one of the campy horror flicks he made in the 70s (Blood for Dracula). I love campy horror flicks, so it was simultaneously one of the worst, and consequently one of the best, campy horror movies I've seen. Anywho, thanks to the beauty of Youtube, you too can experience Andy Warhold on Loveboat. Adding to the surrealliness (yeah so I made up that word, so?) he is having a bit of a chat with Tom Bosley, AKA Howard Cunningham. Please don't pretend that you don't think of Howard Cunningham FIRST. Do without further ado, please enjoy Andy Warhol, as himself, on Loveboat.

Oh and hopefully I'll have either some knitting or spinning photos on Monday.

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