Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ok so you Guessed!

My mom called me and she knew what it was right away. So I guess she'll get some socks for a gift (Wow that never happens!)

It's a new yarn swift just for me. My husband contacted LadybugKnitter BEHIND MY BACK to get me one! Then he brought it home and painted it. Well then he put it in his truck so he could drop it off for the final assembling (like after the paint job) and it got hot and the paint welded together and bubbled up and stuff. Whoops. Poor guy he was disappointed. I'm not though. I got an awesome new swift!

Here's the web address of the builder. You gotta get one of these! I'll have a photo of the whole thing as soon as he finishes repainting the pegs. It is SUHWEET!

I also did some spinning. This superwash that I spun up. It used to be this.
Pep O Mint Superwash

Now it's this! 416 yds

It's for socks. FOR ME DANGIT!!!

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  1. That yarn is beautiful!!!!! So, commenting on the comment you left on my blog. You think the hairdos were worse than the glasses? :) If so, you probably have a point. :)


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