Sunday, April 13, 2008

I've been doin stuff!

I finished the Tiny Toes socks. It is my first afterthought heel and I like how that works! Pretty cool. I don't like how loose this yarn seems to get after wearing for a very short time so no poem after all on the tiny toes. I have to save my skillz for poetry worthy stuff.
Hey remember this?this? and this?

Well now it's this!

Also, I finally knit a hat for the Chief out of the yarn that he helped dye and picked the colors for. It really turned out pretty cool.

Whadda ya think? Isn't he handsome? I am working on spinning some handdyed Suffolk now too so i should have photos of that soon. Ooooooooo and I bet you all think I'm behind on my lace well Au Contraire, Mon Freres! Mystic Light is totally caught up and I am currently working on Clue 4 of Bad Nauheim. I gotta get some more sock yarn wound into cakes today so i can do more socks soon. See ya soon I hope!

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