Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bad Blogger!!

I know, I've been slacking! Allergies and busy schedules are currently more important than blogging. Can you imagine? Yeah me neither.

I know what you're all thinking, shut up and show us some pictures already. I have a few of Friday Night at City Knitting.

This is a 13 year old knitter that was there (I'm not giving his name out duh!) He knitted an itty bitty Remy from Ratatouille. Cute right?
This is Lakeside Knitter and Hyjinx. The rode from the Holland Knitting group we have. I didn't get a picture of CoggieTM. Sorry!!
I had a great time, but didn't end up bringing my wheel. I was concerned about having enough room in the trunk for all our chairs and our snacks. Turns out I needn't have worried. There was plenty of room back there.

I dyed some fiber Saturday night with my DSD Number 4. We put it outside on the drying stand my mom is letting me borrow to dry on Sunday.
Two batches are tan Shetland. One has dark green, olive green and copper added, but some left the natural tan also. I was trying to go in a camo direction. The other Shetland batch has some burgundy added to the natural tan. I love how it turned out. The white base one has burgundy, pink and purple spots (can't wait to spin this of course) and it's white superwash from Sheep Shed Studios. The yellow in the back was some saffron superwash that was tucked in with the superwash order (or so Ladybug Knitter tells me) I encouraged number 4 to experiment so she picked two colors to add to the base saffron color and dyed it herself.

Last for today, I finished the first pair of socks from the demon possessed, growing, gray polypay. While I was spinning it, I swear that ball of roving GREW!!


Good lookin' right? I used a turkish Cast-On and knit my beloved Fleegle's Toe-Up sock pattern. Those fit the Chief's fit wonderfully. The socks weight just over 2 oz. That means I will probably get THREE pairs out of the 8 ounces I spun up (is that right? spun up?) Spunneded? Spinned? hmmm. At least all that spinning wasn't for just one pair. That would be a bigggggggggg bummer.

Hey pssst. I got a surprise to show tomorrow too. Better come back ya'll.

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