Wednesday, April 2, 2008

If lace were cocaine, I'd need rehab

Welp, I've signed up for another lace Knitalong. It starts on April 18th. It's called Mystery Lace. At least I have plans to knit from stash!

Speaking of lace, I've finished Clue 2 of The Secret of Bad Nauheim.

I'm very happy with how it's turning out.

In other news. I have this little mental benchmark for spring. when the first flower in my yard shows up, I feel like it's really spring. Well guess the heck what!!!!

You see that? That, folks, is a SNOWDROP!!! I planted it last year in an attempt to fill in the woodsy back yard. See we live in the woods and our backyard is so very shady that we can't even grow grass. Our neighbors tried two years ago to buy a shade mix and have a pro do it and they got like less than 10% grass in the shady parts. Anywho, last year I started to work on splitting things and trying to fill in the back yard here. This year the work will continue so stay tuned for that. HAPPY SPRINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!

Oh and PLUS, the second clue for Mystic Light is out. I'll be working on that today


  1. Your stole looks great. Girlfriend, we still need rehab with all these KALs.

  2. I'm totally jealous! I planted my snowdrops on the north side of the house and they're still under freakin' roof ice. I do have an almost crocus tho. You should get some hellebore for your woods, and some trillium. They like shade.


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