Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm not funny today

things are just rolling along in a blur. I've been spinning! I finished the Lemonade Stand BFL that I handdyed. It turned out to be a light fingering and I cannot WAIT to knit a pair of patterned socks out of it. Most of my handspuns are so wild colorwise that patterns get lost, but I think this yarn will be perfect for a pair of monkeys or hederas.

I also finished two skeins of the Hydrangea handspun. It's Navaho plied. I can't remember if it's suffolk or shetland but both are great for socks. I handdyed this a few months ago. I really enjoy spinning the BFL more, but maybe I'll buy more when things settle down here and I get some of my stash spun up ;). I think this ended up to be somewhere in the realm of fingering/sportweight although I haven't counted the WPIs yet.

Time for me to go jump on the stepper and find some trash TV to watch while I sweat and huff. O and I'll be attending the Late Night Yarn Party and City Knitting in GR with some ladies from my Knit Nite. I am driving, so I won't be drinking, but hopefully they will and I can get some good photos!

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  1. So not drinking! But I still need to figure out what to take with to share.


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