Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fiber in the Forest Autumn 2009

We're full! As of today, we are officially full on registrations and paid (well one check is coming, but I trust the person that it's on the way).

Overall it's supposed to be a relaxing getaway. The perfect chance to knit, crochet, or spin on those holiday gifts and get away before the Thanksgiving madness starts. We'll even have Meghan from Stitch It podcaster and Beth from the Spinning Loft in Howell as guests!

We'll have attendees from Idaho to New York and as far south as Kentucky this time, and I am working hard! Donations for door prizes and goodybags are starting to arrive (which is probably really pissing off my worthless postal carrier), and opening them (to paw through them) is like Christmas!

Remember us while you're NOT sitting by the Lake this November 5th - 8th.


  1. sounds like a beautiful time, for sure!

  2. Woo Hoo!

    I'm sure everyone will have a great time. There will be lots of photos after, right?

  3. So exciting! I will be compiling that stuff for you soon too. :)

  4. Hey, Colorado is represented too! See you there!

  5. You trying to make me jealous or what? ENJOY!


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