Monday, August 10, 2009

Change of plans!

Or as I like to say to my husband dramatically when things don't work out:


I'm not even gonna go into why or what the new plan is. Sometimes it's just easier that way.

Five points to BethanyG! You sock, sista!

I'll be back when i'm back.

Also, I am now on day 65 of my diet/working out and I have done my six workouts per week EVERY SINGLE WEEK, and with the exception of a splurge day every other Friday, i have kept my calories in the parameters. Why do I not look like Cindy Crawford yet? Unacceptable.

However, i will be continuing through my 90 day commitment and then making a new goal. What do you think of 30 day goals after the 90? I know I have reduced in size. I'm still not weighing myself. My endurance and strength seems to be building, but I really wish I had a treadmill so i could run at home. I still can't comfortably wear the skinny jeans, but eventually.

Happy Monday!


  1. Hope everything is ok.

    I'd think that smaller goals could be very rewarding as long as they are realistic. But maybe that's just me.

  2. I'm with Jessica.

    Also remember that it takes time to lose the weight because it took time to gain it. If it was an overnight thing, everyone would be skinny. You'll get there, honey. I have faith in you!


  3. I have lost over 100lbs and have kept it off for a few years now. I still don't look like Cindy Crawford.


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